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Management of Holiday Rental Properties

 We specialise in holiday rental of properties in the Old Town and centre of Girona

We offer an innovative tourist rental service promising top quality accommodation with friendly and personalised care.

Our mission is to make the experience of holiday renting a carefree and satisfactory experience both for the owners of the properties and the visitors to our city.

We are particularly interested in attracting family-oriented and cultural tourism.


   Greater profitability

   Elimination of risk of non-payment

   Possibility of limiting dates the property is rented to permit private use

   Continuous maintenance and servicing of the property to fulfil quality guarantees


Why offering your property for holiday rentals is worth considering?

More visitors to Girona now stay in rented accommodation than in hotels. This tendency will be confirmed as our province receives increasing international projection.

Renting your property for tourist visits has the advantage of commanding much higher rates than long-term rentals while still being available for private use during certain periods. Furthermore, as changeovers are frequent, the maintenance of the property is guaranteed to be continuous in order to meet the quality promises we make to our visitors.


Rental price

Given that our objective is to attract quality tourism, we always seek to set the best rental rates for our owners taking into account the conditions of the property and the market.

Payment of all rents is guaranteed as 100% of the rental cost is paid before guests begin their stay.

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